We are ambitious for all our children and for our Academy.

E-ACT and Mansfield Green have three core shared values:

  • we want everyone to think big, for themselves and for the world around them;
  • we want everyone to do the right thing in everything they do, even when this means doing something that’s hard, not popular or takes a lot of time;
  • we want everyone to show a strong team spirit, always supporting and driving their team forward

Believe, achieve, succeed.

Our aims are:

  • To inspire a passion for lifelong learning
  • To value ourselves and all members of our diverse community
  • To foster an environment which is caring, safe and inclusive
  • To realise our full potential through quality experiences and opportunities
  • To help children to see the importance of taking responsibility for themselves, their actions and their learning
  • To prepare our pupils for the next phase of their life or development
  • To treat others equally despite their differences

Our approach to learning

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