At Mansfield Green we value the importance of learning beyond the classroom. As such we offer a range of rich and broad activities which enable our pupils to learn and practise skills which will prepare them for later life.

We provide a range of opportunities for visitors to visit the Academy or for pupils to go on educational visits outside of the Academy. These are linked to the learning which takes place in each year group and children will make use of the educational visits in their subsequent learning.

In the summer term, we also offer a residential visit to all our year 6 pupils to provide them with an opportunity to learn social skills, experience living in a different location, develop confidence and self-esteem, build independence and resilience. This experience forms part of the transition work which takes place, preparing pupils for their secondary education.

All educational visits and visitors are heavily subsidised by the Academy. We therefore ask for a much smaller contribution towards the costs of these activities.

Extra- Curricular Activities 2023-24

Throughout the year we offer extra-curricular activities for physical development; including sports activities, creative activities; from the arts to crafts.

The following extra-curricular activities are being offered this term:

Wednesdays- Art club for Y2 pupils with our Artist in residence

Team Games Club

(Year 3 & Year 4)
Multi Sports Club

(Year 6)
Multi Skills Club

(Year 1 & Year 2)
Dodgeball Club

(Year 5)



Our approach to learning

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