At Mansfield Green we value the importance of learning beyond the classroom. As such we offer a range of rich and broad activities which enable our pupils to learn and practise skills which will prepare them for later life.

We provide a range of opportunities for visitors to visit the Academy or for pupils to go on educational visits outside of the Academy. These are linked to the learning which takes place in each year group and children will make use of the educational visits in their subsequent learning.

The following educational visits and visitors have been planned for the 2017/18 academic year:

Enriching Opportunities

 NurseryReceptionYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
Autumn TermFamily Members Workshop
(Link to Why do you love me so much?
Do you want to be friends? topics)
Dinosaur Workshop
(Link to Dinosaurs topic)
Pets at Home Workshop
(Link to Changes within living memory topic)
Local Walk
(Link to Famous for more than 5 minutes)

Singing Workshop
Wroxeter City
(Link to Romans topic)
Viking Workshop
(Link to Vikings Topic)
Greek Workshop
(Link to Ancient Greece topic)

Singing Workshop
RAF Cosford
(Link to WW2 Topic)
Spring TermLego Land Workshop
(Link to How does the building stay up? topic)
Local Walk
(Link to our school and local area topic)
Think Tank
(Link to Weather Experts topic)

Singing Workshop
Firemen Visit
(Link to the Great Fire of London topic)
Rainforest Space Dome
(Link to rainforest topic)

Artist in Residence

Singing Workshop
Sandwell Valley
(Link to Mountains, Rivers and Coasts Topic)
Sutton Park
(Link to Comparing people and places topic)

Artist in Residence
Animal Man
(Link to Science Evolution Topic)
Summer TermCannock Chase
(Link to Can we explore it? topic)
Twycross Zoo
(Link to Oceans and Sea topic)

Singing Workshop
Dudley Zoo
(Link to Carnival of Animals topic)

Artist in Residence
Barry Island Seaside
(Link to We are Britain topic)

Artist in Residence
Staffordshire Hoard
(Link to Anglo Saxons topic)
Egyptian Workshop
(Link to Egyptian topic)
Botanical Gardens
(Link to Science Unit)
Singing Workshop


In the summer term, we also offer a residential visit to all our year 6 pupils to provide them with an opportunity to learn social skills, experience living in a different location, develop confidence and self-esteem, build independence and resilience. This experience forms part of the transition work which takes place, preparing pupils for their secondary education.

All educational visits and visitors are heavily subsidised by the Academy. We therefore ask for a much smaller contribution towards the costs of these activities.

We also visit different places of worship throughout the school; providing pupils with opportunities to see how different religions and faiths worship and developing pupils mutual respect and tolerance of those with and without religious faith.

The following visits have been planned for the 2017-18 academic year:

Year 1- Christian Church (Spring Term)

Year 2- Islamic Mosque (Spring Term)

Year 3- Sikh Gurdwara (Autumn Term)

Year 4- Hindu Temple (Summer Term)

Year 5- Jewish Synagogue (Autumn Term)

Year 6- Buddhist Temple (Summer Term)

Extra- Curricular Activities

Throughout the year we offer extra-curricular activities for physical development; including sports activities, creative activities; from the arts to crafts.

The following extra-curricular activities are being offered this term:


(Year 1 and 2)

Cricket Club

(Year 5 and 6)
Sports Leaders Training

(Years 4 and 5)

Football Team Training

(Years 5 and 6)

(Year 3 and 4)

(Year 5 and 6)

Our approach to learning

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