Curriculum INTENT

As a primary school with pupils from Nursery – Year 6, Mansfield Green E-ACT Primary Academy has thought carefully about the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are required to achieve academic excellence in all subject areas.  We have considered both the knowledge that pupils will need to help them build firm foundations and the expectations for attainment at the end of year 6 and also for secondary school and beyond.    This ensures that our subject leaders and teachers, deliver to our pupils, a clearly sequenced curriculum which is rigorous and coherent and builds on prior learning.  Our curriculum is built on a sound understanding of pedagogy, with particular emphasis on how our children retain knowledge in their long term memory.  Our core values:  believe, achieve, succeed, run through all that we do.

At Mansfield Green E-ACT Primary Academy all staff think about our curriculum at three levels:

  1. The intended curriculum.
  2. The implemented curriculum.
  3. The impact of our curriculum.

The intended curriculum is what we intend our pupils to learn in each subject area.  Our subject leads use the national curriculum, their subject expertise and experience to ensure that our intended curriculum is clear and appropriately detailed. It contains carefully chosen knowledge, which is deliberately sequenced to build long-lasting and sophisticated schema about key concepts and ideas.  Our intended curriculum includes long, medium and short-term planning and all the resources that teachers use to deliver the curriculum.  At Mansfield Green, these are bespoke to our school and include knowledge organisers, ‘do it, twist it, solve it’ in mathematics and ‘hot’ writes.  We always strive to ‘think big’.

The implemented curriculum is all about how we deliver our curriculum, the expertise of our skilled teaching staff and the support provided to help all our pupils to succeed. Our teachers and teaching assistants enable pupils to understand key concepts, presenting information clearly and encourage discussion and reflection. We check pupils’ understanding and identify and correct any errors or misunderstandings. The subject curriculum is designed and delivered in a way that helps pupils to build their knowledge in long-term memory. Teachers use assessment to check pupils’ understanding to inform their teaching, and to help pupils remember what they have learned over time. We ensure that we ‘do the right thing.’

Lastly, we always think carefully about the impact of our curriculum. We evaluate how well the curriculum and its delivery help pupils to learn the knowledge and skills they need. Where pupils need extra support, we ensure that this support is effective and inclusive. We use information from assessment to tell us about how well our curriculum is designed and delivered. Our approach to quality assurance of the curriculum is proportionate and focused on impact on learning. Our ‘team spirit’ always shines through.

We are confident that this approach offers all of our pupils a rich, broad and balanced curriculum.  We believe that with such secure foundations and our ‘opening minds, opening doors’ ethos at the primary phase, they will go on to be successful individuals in their chosen field/career.

Our approach to learning

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