The geography curriculum at Mansfield Green E-ACT Primary Academy has been carefully planned to ensure that all of our learners from Nursery through to Year 6 are provided with the essential geographical skills and knowledge that inspire curiosity and a fascination about the world and its people that will stay with them in future years.   We revisit the same topics and themes throughout the course of a child’s time in primary school, thus enabling pupils to gain a deeper understanding of the topic as well as an enriched schema.

Pupils are introduced to understanding the world right from the start of their school journey in the early years and this knowledge is built on, year upon year.  In EYFS, our pupils are taught about human and physical geography through a cross curricular and thematic approach which draws upon life and experiences that are personal to them and this is then broadened as they learn about the world around us.

As pupils transition into Key Stage 1 these skills are developed further as they cover the topic on Weather Experts in Year 1 and furthermore, in Year 3 as they learn about tectonic processes in the Mountains, Volcanoes and Earthquakes topic and through the study of water, weather and climate.  The Rivers unit follows on from that in Year 4 and pupils continue to build on this knowledge of physical processes through the National Resources in Northern Chile unit in the summer term by supporting pupils’ understanding of where energy comes from and how greater sustainability can be achieved. This knowledge is developed further through the study of Biomes in Year 5.

In the same manner, work done in EYFS around Understanding the World where pupils learn about similarities and differences within families, communities and traditions helps to build a firm foundation for learning that takes place in subsequent years.  In Year 2 children learn about a contrasting locality which develops place knowledge and human geography. This is embedded when Year 3 study Villages, Towns and Cities and this is built upon in Year 4 when they learn about Migration allowing this knowledge to be deep rooted and built into long term memory as pupils move on to learn about Slums (Europe) in Year 5.

We intend to nurture the curiosity of the world around us from the moment our learners walk through the door and beyond.  At Mansfield Green E-ACT Primary Academy, this begins in the EYFS, where children will be urged to observe their surroundings and local environment.  In Year 2, this curiosity and fascination of the world will be steered towards learning specific geography skills through local fieldwork. This is revisited and embedded in Year 6, so that pupils are exposed to geographical research in KS2.  This is a crucial part of a child’s geographical education and we have intentionally incorporated this unit at the end of KS2 to capitalise on their greater maturity and geographical knowledge.

The Year 6 units on Population and Globalisation draw on themes that have been explored throughout the whole school journey so that pupils are really able to approach these complex topics with a greater depth and breadth of knowledge.

Our aim is to ensure that our geographers are successful individuals in their chosen field/career.

Geography Long term curriculum overview

Our approach to learning

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