Welcome to our Nursery page.

In Nursery there are AM and PM sessions.

The Nursery team is made up of Mrs Sarhajpal, Mrs Iqbal and Mrs Arshad.

This term we will spend lots of time learning how to become active learners and explorers and confident risk takers.

Here is an overview of the key learning that will be taking place in our classes this term:

Prime Areas

● Learn common vocabulary linked to colour, texture and smell
● Follow simple instructions and rules
● Healthy foods
● Talking about family and friends
● Talking about likes and dislikes
● Exploring feelings and wishes

● Wishing Tale - Elmer - Autumn 1
● Meeting Tale - Guess How Much I Love You - Autumn 2
● Learning key vocabulary
● Sequencing the stories
● Answering key questions about the stories

● Focusing on the numbers 1-3 - Autumn 1
● Focusing on the numbers 4-6 - Autumn 2
● Going Deeper with the numbers 1-6
● Exploring 2D shape
● Exploring size
● Exploring weight
Other Specific Areas

● How many colours in a rainbow?
● Exploring colour, texture and smell
● Using different tools to make marks
● Why do you love me so much?
● Talk about own experiences / culture
● Recognising similarities and differences in families and celebrations.

All children in Nursery will have half termly homework, which will include physical development activities, maths (number and / or shape) tasks and another activity related to the topic.

We would appreciate it if you could support your child with this. Please come and see us if you have any queries.

Reading is an essential life skill and we believe that all children should embrace a love of reading. All children in Nursery will be given a book that is suited to their reading stage and this information will be recorded into their reading records, along with a key question related to the story for parents to record children’s responses. They will also have an opportunity to select any picture book of their choice to take home and read. Please share these books with your child at home and let us know how they have got on with their reading by leaving a comment in their reading records.

Outdoor / Physical Learning

All children in Nursery will be encouraged to explore and learn outdoors as well as indoors.

They will have the opportunity to get messy and participate in sensory play. Sensory play supports language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, and social interaction.

Our approach to learning

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