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Please visit regularly to find up-to-date information from our year group. There are two classes in Nursery;

Butterflies (ages 2-3) and

Dragonflies (ages 3-4).


This term we have been learning all about farm animals. We have developed our language by naming the different farm animals, comparing them, matching them to their young and playing with them in different situations, such as straw, water, sand, gloop.

We also had some eggs delivered and were very excited about watching them hatch and grow.

We really enjoyed using blocks to make them houses too. We were able to link mathematics into our ‘Are Eggs Alive?’ topic by categorising and sorting different sized and coloured eggs into matching baskets and have developed our counting skills by singing counting songs related to farm animals.

It has been a very busy Autumn term in Butterflies class. The children have taken part in caring for our pet rabbits, exploring shapes and making special presents for people they love.  The children have also spent some quality time in the Butterflies outdoor book area looking at books and as the festive season approaches, some children have helped with decorating the Christmas tree.


This term we have explored the question ‘Are Eggs Alive?’.

We have been lucky enough to have been part of an egg hatching programme; 10 eggs were delivered. We watched chicks hatch and grow and have helped to care for them ensuring they have water and food and are clean.

We also placed them in different positions to gain a better understanding of prepositions. We have really enjoyed learning the story ‘The Little Red Hen’. We made paper plate characters and some of us wrote letters to the other animals asking for help to make the bread.

Following our interests we also created a hospital role play area. We have enjoyed pretending to be the patients, doctors, nurse and even paramedics.

This half term children have been listening to and joining in with the story ‘The Rainbow Fish’. Children have learnt lots of new vocabulary and are beginning to show confidence in using these words when retelling the story independently. For example “The wise octopus emerged from the darkness.”

Linked to The Rainbow Fish and our topic ‘Can we be friends’ we’ve also enjoyed lots of group activities, especially ‘Teddy Talking Time’ where we have taken turns to talk about family and friends.

More recently children have shown an interest in playing with musical instruments. We developed this interest by transforming the climbing frame into a bandstand. Children helped to create 3D instruments and enjoyed pretending to be a marching band outdoors.

Other learning this term has involved making marks which represent number, using, sorting, making and naming 2D shapes and lots of creative activities which involve using a range of different tools and materials.

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