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In Reception there are two classes: Bees and Caterpillars

The Reception team is made up of Miss Fairbrass, Miss Sajid, Miss Redfern and Miss Khalid.

This term we will spend lots of time developing our interests, confidence and talents. We will learn through play, exploration and risk taking. We will also be encouraged to initiate activities, seek challenge, take risks, solve problems and show a ‘can do’ positive attitude.

Here is an overview of the key learning that will be taking place in our classes this term:

Prime Areas

● Learn common vocabulary linked to relationships, school and oceans
● Understand and follow rules and routines
● Hold tools correctly and use them in different ways to make different marks
● Negotiating space and speed
● Move in different ways
● Ball skills
● Role play with friends / team work

● Wishing Tale - Rainbow Fish - Autumn 1
● Defeat a Monster Tale - Three Billy Goats Gruff - Autumn 2
● Phase 2 Letters and Sounds
● Write labels and captions
● Write lists
● Answer key questions about, recap, sequence and retell stories

● Counting within 10 - Autumn 1
● Separating up to 5 objects in different ways
● Matching quantity to numeral
● Counting beyond 10 - Autumn 2
● 2D shape
● Length
● Position
● Pattern
Other Specific Areas

● Do you want to be friends?
● Self portraits
● Talking about relationships (families and friends)
● Ocean life / creatures
● Why do leaves go crispy?
● Seasons
● Materials
● Leaf Art


All children in Reception will have half weekly homework, which will include maths (number and / or shape) tasks and literacy / phonics work. In addition, they will receive topic-based homework every half term.
We would appreciate it if you could support your child with this. Please come and see us if you have any queries.


Reading is an essential life skill and we believe that all children should embrace a love of reading. All children in Reception will be given a book that is suited to their reading stage and this information will be recorded into their reading records.  They will also have an opportunity to select any picture book of their choice to take home and read. Please share these books with your child at home and let us know how they have got on with their reading by leaving a comment in their reading records.

Outdoor / Physical Learning

All children in Reception will be encouraged to explore and learn outdoors as well as indoors.

They will have the opportunity to get messy and participate in sensory play. Sensory play supports language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, and social interaction.

This year children in Reception will do PE on a Wednesday.
Please ensure that your child wears the correct PE kit to school.

Our approach to learning

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