Welcome to our Year 1 page.

In Year 1 there are two classes: Rabbits and Hedgehogs.

The Year 1 team is made up of Miss Lane, Miss Azim, Miss Osman, Miss Nessa and Miss Gordan.

This term we are going to spend lots of time getting to know one another, work on our mental and physical health as well as learn lots of new exciting things. We are looking forward to a brilliant term together in Year 1!

Here is an overview of the key learning that will be taking place in our classes this term:


• Classic Poem
• Wishing Tale
• Labels, Lists and Captions
• Humorous Poems
• Problem/Resolution Tale
• Recount

• Number and Place Value
• Geometry: Properties of Shapes
• Addition and Subtraction

• Parts of Animals
• Types of Animals

• Carnival of the Animals (Cross Curricular)

• Carnival of the Animals (Cross Curricular)

• Multi-skills
• Dance

• Community
• Creativity

• Hey you
• Rhythm in the Way We Walk and Banana Rap

• Living Things
Design and Technology

• Mechanisms: Sliders and Levers

• Jigsaw – Being Me in my World
• Celebrating Difference

• Online Safety
• Exploring Purple Mash
• Grouping and Sorting
• Pictograms

All children in Year 1 will be given homework on a Thursday and it is due in by the following Tuesday.
The homework will focus on learning that has taken place in the classroom throughout the week and children should be able to work on it independently. There will usually be an English activity, a Maths activity and some spellings.
All of our children have access to a variety of IT programs to support their learning.
For Reading, we have Bug Club: https://www.activelearnprimary.co.uk/login?c=0
For Maths, we have My Maths: https://www.mymaths.co.uk/
They also have access to our Google Classroom.
Please refer to the login details sheet that was sent home.

We would appreciate it if you could support your child with this. Please come and see us if you have any queries.

Reading is an essential life skill and we believe that all children should be given an opportunity to read often. All children in Year 1 will be heard read in class on a weekly basis. They will be given a book that is suited to their reading stage and this information will be recorded into their reading records. They will also have the regular opportunity to choose any book of their liking to take home and read. Please read with your child at home and let us know how they have got on with their reading by leaving a comment in their reading records.

This year children in Year 1 will do PE on a Tuesday.
Please ensure that your child wears the correct PE kit to school.

Our approach to learning

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