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There are two classes in Year 1; Hedgehogs and Rabbits.

Spring Term

This term we have been learning all about weather and climates around the world. In our topic lessons we created our own weather tools such as wind streamers and rain gauges to help us keep track of the weather in the UK. We then looked at continents around the world and compared the weather to the weather in the UK. We recorded and collected all of the data for weather and presented it in our weather station at school.


In English we have been looking at Cinderella. We worked very hard to create an alternative problem and ending to the story where the Prince became a bad character and the Fairy Godmother rescued Cinderella.
For our recount, we wrote all about our snow day and for our hot writes we wrote a recount about our summer holidays.

In Maths we have been exploring fractions looking at halves and quarters of different shapes and quantities. In our hot task we showed half of a number using raisins on cookies and then enjoyed eating them.
To celebrate all that our mums do for us, we enjoyed singing and dancing in our mother’s day assembly. I loved it when I got the chance to read out why I think my mum is special to me!

Autumn Term

In year 1 we have been very busy this term. The children have settled in well to daily routines.

In english we have been looking at traditional poems, information texts and creative writing. We have also created our very own setting using everyday materials to help us with our writing.

In maths we have been counting in 2s, 5 and 10s and understanding numbers in the number system. We enjoyed learning how to tell the time using our handmade clocks.

In topic we have travelled back in time and looked at toys, food, shopping, and communication in the past and compared them to the present.  

We also had a visit from our friend Harold the Giraffe and learnt all about healthy eating.

Finally we have worked very hard making our classroom cheerful for Christmas by creating mathematical decorations linked to addition number sentences.

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