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There are two classes in Year 2; Moles and Squirrels.

This Autumn term, we have been extremely busy in Year 2.

For our Talk 4 Writing we have explored and written our very own repetitive poems. We looked closely at the journey tales and problem resolution tales so that we were about to write our own. We have also learnt about recounts and instruction texts. It was great seeing all the parents using our instructions when supporting us with our shoebox dioramas.

In Maths, we have spent a lot of time learning about the place value of numbers and what each digit represents in a 2 digit number. We have investigated properties of shape, explored time and solved addition and subtraction problems using concrete objects and pictures to help us.

During Topic, we have learnt about people who have been famous for more than five minutes. We learnt about Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong to name but a few. We then did some exploring of our own around the school grounds and went on a deep sea mission. Exploring is so much fun!

Our Knowledge Organisers:

Year 2 Topic Knowledge Organiser 1- Autumn

Year 2 Topic Knowledge organiser 2- Autumn

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