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There are two classes in Year 3; Falcons and Hawks.

Spring Term

This term we have been learning about rainforests around the world. We now know all of the different layers of the rainforest and how each layer is different to the others. We also recognise the importance of fair trade to ensure that workers who collect and harvest foods from the rainforest are paid a fair wage.

We also have learnt about the environmental issues that many rainforests are currently facing. We know how we are going to protect the rainforest so that it can be enjoyed by others for years to come.

This term we have also learnt about Rocks and Fossils. Children fully emerged themselves learning about the different types of rocks and fossils and then classifying familiar rocks and fossils by whether they are sedimentary, metamorphic or igneous.

Children have also made lots of progress with swimming this year. Children can now safely enter and exit the swimming pool, as well as demonstrate the correct positioning for swimming. By the end of the year we are aiming for all children to be able to swim a length and achieve recognition for this.

Autumn Term

Our first term of year 3 has finished very quickly and it has been a very busy and successful term.

In Maths, we have learnt about the place value of numbers up to 1000 including addition and subtraction of these numbers using the column method. We have also been practising our 3, 4, and 8 times tables. Many of us have earned lots of points using Times Table Rockstars too.

In Talk 4 writing, we have explored lots of different texts including a defeating the monster and lost, found chase tale and persuasive texts and reports. One of our favourite stories this term is the historical story of Romulus and Remus- we loved learning about them!

In topic, we have been learning about the Romans and Roman Britain. This was celebrated through our visit to Wroxeter City in Shropshire. Wroxeter City is a Roman city where lots of artefacts and ruins have been found dating back from Roman Britain. We had a great day exploring the city and travelling along the old Roman road.

Finally, we have been learning and practising our swimming skills at Perry Beeches swimming baths.

Our Knowledge Organisers:

Year 3 Science Knowledge Organiser- Light- Autumn

Year 3 Romans Topic Knowledge Organiser- Autumn 

Year 3 Science Knowledge Organiser- Rocks and Fossils- Spring

Year 3 Topic Knowledge Organiser- Rainforests-Spring

Year 3 Science Knowledge Organiser- Magnets- Spring

Year 3 Science Knowledge Organiser- plants- Summer

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