Welcome to our Year 3 page.

There are two classes in Year 3: 3SA and 3CW.

The Year 3 team is made up of Mrs Akter, Miss Whyte, Miss Raine and Miss Nessa.


Learning in Year 3
As pupils enter their first year of lower Key Stage 2 in Year 3, we continue to build on their prior learning so that deep connections are made and learning is secured into the long term memory.


PE takes place every Monday.


Homework is set on a Thursday and is due by the following Tuesday.


Reading is an essential life skill and we believe that all children should be given an opportunity to read often. All children in Year 3 are given a book that is suited to their reading stage along with a choice book to take home and read. Please read with your child at home and let us know how they have got on with their reading by leaving a comment in their reading records.

Our approach to learning

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