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There are two classes in Year 4; Eagles and Owls.

Spring Term

We started this term with an exciting module on Sound. We have looked at what sound is and how it is created. The children were really engaged with vibrations and found the tuning forks very interesting, especially when dipped in water. We understood that sound travels through mediums such as air, solid objects and even water.  Finally, we learned about the ear and how some parts of the ear function, this lead us onto a nice ending where we all learned to sign our name in British Sign Language.

This term we have also been learning about Mountains, Rivers and Coasts. We now know about the importance of rivers to us and the wider world.  We have learnt about the different ways we can cross rivers. The children did research about different rivers around the world and found out some interesting facts. We can now recognise the different cities near the coast and how people use rivers for different purposes.

Of course, how could we forget our fantastic opportunity to work alongside the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, on our own Pop up Exhibition.  During this project the children were visited by a member of the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery who showed them some fascinating artefacts. We then visited the Museum and saw the amazing artefacts on exhibition including the thought provoking sculpture made entirely out of coins called “Land of Milk and Honey” by Donald Rodney. Afterwards we brought in our own artefacts and created our own unique pop up exhibition. We  learned some amazing stories behind the artefacts. It was great to see so many parents and children attend the launch and support the project.

Autumn Term

This term we started off with some electricity in our science module. We looked at circuits and electricity, we created Electricity safety posters and were able to look at why certain circuits work.

Our topic this term has been the Vikings. We have completed lots of different activities including  writing a report on a Viking attack on Lindisfarne, looked at Viking weaponry and designed our own shield. We also learnt about where the Vikings originally lived. We have spent some time designing and building our own Viking long ships. Our Viking topic was ended with an exciting visit from a Norse visitor, who taught us about the Norse way of life, some of the Viking weapons and some Norse games.

Our Knowledge Organisers:

Year 4 Vikings Knowledge Organiser- Autumn

Year 4 Knowledge Organiser Living things, name that living thing Spring

Year 4 Knowledge organiser Mountains rivers coasts- Spring

Year 4 sound knowledge Organiser Spring

Year 4 Knowledge organiser Living things; excuse me are these your teeth- Summer

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