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There are two classes in Year 5; Pandas and Tigers.

This term in maths, we have looked at all 4 operations of number. We have also completed a unit on Visualising and constructing in which we had to design and construct 3D shapes. To end the term, we worked as a year group to complete the Sierpinski Christmas Tetrahedron.

In Talk 4 writing we have worked on numerous different texts including Chase tales, wishing tales and Poetry. Our most recent non-fiction text was a discussion text on whether schools should close on snowy days.

This term we have studied Ancient Greece, learning all about Greek life. This has ranged from Greek clothing, footwear and temples. In relation to this, we researched, designed and produced our very own Greek temples and sandals.

Year 5 have shown their commitment to charity this term when we raised money for Children in Need. Both classes decided to bake cakes, make bookmarks and bracelets to sell and raise money. Overall, we raised nearly £100! Well done Year 5!

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Year 5 Ancient Greece Knowledge Organiser- Autumn

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