Our Expectations

At Mansfield Green E-ACT Primary Academy we are committed to enabling all children to access education successfully. This is an “inclusive” process; part of this commitment is concerned with establishing a high standard of behaviour and health and safety throughout the school.

The way in which pupils and adults behave has a profound effect on all the work that is undertaken. Therefore, a well thought out approach to this aspect contributes directly to both the social and learning aspects of our school.

  • To create an atmosphere where children are able to develop a moral awareness and are sensitive to the needs of others and one in which they will show respect and consideration for other people and property.
  • To praise and reward positive attitudes to behaviour and work and to maintain fairness and consistency, whilst encouraging self-discipline and promote independence.

We recognise that high standards are best promoted when everyone (staff, parents and children) have a shared understanding of what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. By promoting good behaviour we can build individual and collective esteem and encourage good personal relationships

  • Ensuring a safe, caring and happy school.
  • All follow social distancing guidelines (modelled by all staff and actively encourage regardless of age)
  • Promoting good citizenship, good self-esteem, self-discipline and emotional intelligence and personal independence.
  • Preventing bullying. Roles and Responsibilities in Promoting Positive Behaviour and safety guidance
  • Implement the school behaviour policy consistently throughout the school by setting the standards of behaviour and supporting staff in the implementation of the policy.
  • Use whole school behaviour awards and cloud system/online
  • Keep records of all reported serious incidents of misbehaviour.
  • Report to Regional team, when requested, on the effectiveness of the policy
  • Ensure the health, safety and welfare of all children in the school
  • Report to/meet with parents/carers when necessary

Be aware of and understand his/her rights and responsibilities, including new safety expectations.


Positive Reinforcement

Staff will be encouraged to adopt a positive attitude towards discipline within the classroom. Teachers will be encouraged to adopt a calm manner at all times which promotes respect with the children and always praise positive behaviour whenever possible. Our behaviour approach is modelled around a ‘behaviour recovery model’ with built in time for reflection.

Children will be rewarded through the following:

  • Verbal praise.
  • Points through our online ‘Trackit lights’ system, which is linked to our cloud system.
  • Gold Cloud rewards – certificates and prizes given in assembly.
  • Behaviour incentive cards and suite of resources for SLT, teachers, support staff and lunchtime supervisors. With a focus for the summer term on safety around school.
  • Positive messages sent home.


Our Behaviour and Reward System

Cloud System

The following clouds are linked to our online ‘Trackit lights’ system. The children start the day on the green cloud, and this is linked to our behaviour expectations.

  • Throughout the day, the children stay on the green cloud for positive behaviour. This is praised by giving points.
  • If a child is demonstrating low-level disruptive behaviour unwanted behaviour detrimental to the new health and safety expectations, staff can give the children a warning (the blue cloud),
  • If they continue to be disruptive or risk the safety of themselves or others, they will be moved down a cloud and this will be logged on Trackit.
  • If a child is moved again, it is logged and they will be moved to reflection within the classroom.
  • If a child is moved to a red cloud, this generates an incident report. This is then sent to SLT who can monitor behaviour across the school, using the online tool.
  • red cloud results in reflection within the classroom at lunchtime and parents receiving a copy of the incident report.


The Clouds

Only the ‘outstanding’ pupils deserve to be on the Gold Cloud! If you are one of those you will receive a certificate at the end of the week and be given a raffle ticket to put in the gold jar!




Pupils who have been well behaved ALL day will remain on the Green Cloud! If you are one of those pupils who is consistently green, then you get chances to receive points. When you get 20 points, you will receive a coin that can be spent at the coin shop. Will you save them up for a bigger prize?




If you are given a warning then your name will be moved to the Blue Cloud! This is a warning, with hope that you will improve your behaviour before it is logged on Trackit.




If your name is moved to the Orange Cloud, you will need reflection within your classroom and it will be logged on Trackit. This will give you time to reflect on your behaviour for ten minutes.



If your name is moved to the Yellow Cloud, you will need reflection in your neighbour classroom, which will also be logged on Trackit. This will give you time to reflect on your behaviour for twenty minutes and time to complete a review sheet.



If your name is moved to the Red Cloud, you will be taken to the reflection area,  SLT will be informed and discuss unwanted behaviour and how it needs to be addressed. You will also have a letter sent home and your behaviour will be logged in SIMs. If you receive three red letters in one term, your parents will be invited into school to discuss your behaviour.


Click on the link below for our Behaviour policy:

Pupil Behaviour Policy


Our approach to learning

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Behaviour Expectations
Behaviour Expectations