Mansfield Green’s Mental Health Priorities

Youth Mental Health First Aid

Mental health issues are an increasing concern not only within adults but also children and young people.  1 in 10 young people experience a mental health issue at one time. Poor mental health and low emotional wellbeing has been identified as a common concern that is affecting young people within our E-ACT academies.

To support our children and young people E-ACT have trained ten members of staff to be trained instructors of Youth Mental Health First Aid. This has enabled the instructors to go into the academies and train academy staff as Youth Mental Health First Aiders. This will enable them to provide information, tools and techniques to promote a young person’s mental and emotional wellbeing and support a young person who might be experiencing mental and emotional distress.

Trained Youth Mental Health First Aiders at Mansfield Green are:

  1. Miss Bennett
  2. Mrs Chilton
  3. Mr Dent
  4. Miss Dolphin
  5. Mrs Henry
  6. Miss Huggins
  7. Miss Kirby
  8. Miss O’Brien
  9. Miss Sarhajpal
  10. Miss Scudamore
  11. Miss Taylor
  12. Mr Ward
  13. Miss Whyte

Adult Mental Health First Aid

Everybody experiences mental health, however mental health and wellbeing (Being comfortable, healthy or happy) sits along a continuum which we all move along and up and down. The impact that mental health and wellbeing has on employees is a significant concern that E-ACT is very aware of.  By partaking in the Adult MHFA training E-ACT are seeking to create a climate where people feel confident to talk openly about the problems they are experiencing and trust their employer to do the right thing by them.

E-ACT have trained 5 members of staff to become Adult Mental Health First Aid Instructors who are able to train key members of staff in each academy in Adult MHFA.

Trained Adult Mental Health First Aiders at Mansfield Green are:

  1. Mrs Chilton
  2. Miss Dolphin
  3. Mrs Harris-Singh
  4. Mrs Henry
  5. Miss Huggins
  6. Mrs Kasu
  7. Miss O’Brien
  8. Mrs Sohal
  9. Mr Ward

Our approach to learning

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Mental Health First Aid
Mental Health First Aid