Mansfield Green E-ACT Academy is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. The health and safety of all our children is paramount.

Sometimes we may need to share information and work in partnership with other agencies when there are concerns about a child’s welfare.

We will ensure that concerns about our children are discussed with parents/carers first unless we have reason to believe that such a move will result in further harm to the child.

At Mansfield Green, safeguarding is not just about protecting children from deliberate harm such as abuse or neglect but preventing them from harm through the following:

  • Pupil health and safety
  • Bullying; racist abuse; harassment and discrimination
  • Meeting the needs of pupils with medical conditions
  • Providing First Aid
  • Safe educational visits
  • Pastoral care
  • Internet safety
  • Gang activities
  • School security
  • E-safety

We ensure that children are growing up in a safe environment at home and school which enables them to have optimum life chances and enter adulthood successfully and happily.

If you have any concerns about child protection or safeguarding and are unable to contact our school then please contact:

Children’s Advice & Support Service (CASS) on 0121 303 1888.

Outside of normal office hours please call 0121 675 4806 for the Emergency Duty Team.


Our Safeguarding Policy

E-ACT Safeguarding Notice


Prevent Duty for Schools

As part of our ongoing safeguarding and child protection duties we are fully behind the government’s Prevent Strategy.

From 1 July 2015 all schools are subject to a duty under section 26 of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015, in the exercise of their functions, to have “due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism”. This duty is known as the Prevent Duty for Schools.

At Mansfield Green, we build pupils’ resilience to radicalisation by promoting fundamental British values and enabling our pupils to challenge extremist views.

The statutory guidance refers to the importance of Prevent awareness training to equip staff to identify children at risk of being drawn into terrorism and to challenge extremist ideas. The Home Office has developed a core training product for this purpose – Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent (WRAP). All our staff have received WRAP training sessions on what Prevent is and how to deal with any issues they may see inside or outside school.

Act Early

Staying Safe Online

At school we encourage our children to be SMART:

S- Stay Safe. Keep safe by never sharing any personal or private information.

M- Meet. Never agree to meet someone online.

A- Accepting Files or Messages. Never accept a file or message from someone you don’t know!

R- Reliable. Sometimes people don’t tell the truth online. They could be lying about who they are.

T- Tell. Tell someone (a trusted adult) if you feel worried or upset by something online.

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